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Welcome to the future of movement.

Welcome to the future of movement.

About AHOY

AHOY is a new-age tech startup that is raising the bar in user experience and operational excellence through its versatile ecosystem. We have a proven track record in Aviation, Traffic, Logistics and Supply Chain and many other areas to mention a few; reducing human touch points and circumventing what is logically optimal to real optimization that is seamless and ubiquitous.​

Here we are

With current technology bordering on its limits in terms of delivering speed, reach and efficiency, AHOY’s founders believed that a static logic like the one used in the market could not predicate optimized movement in dynamic real-world scenarios. 

Instead of incremental enhancements to existing solutions, they proposed a paradigm shift and a re-imagining of movement empowering new levels of previously unimaginable possibilities. 

The beginnings of AHOY’s story can be traced back to 2018 when Jamil Shinawi, one of the founders who at the time was studying Urban and Regional Planning Engineering, envisioned a marriage of technology and science that would act as a gateway to solving many inequalities as well as socio-economic and urban issues.  


Jamil Shinawi


Gerard Sansoni


Adel Samer

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Team and Culture

The AHOY concept is founded on the conviction that merit and success are reliant not on backgrounds, degrees, race or creed, but on drive and mindset. It is new frontiers that we seek, the undiscovered countries of movement technologies that mankind has yet to explore. 


Ahoy was founded in 2018 by serial entrepreneurs Jamil Shinawi, Gerard Sansoni, and Adel Samer 

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Work with us

We are seeking like-minded pioneers who aspire to push the boundaries with a fresh mindset.

Our focus is on people and their true potential rather than degrees, former employers, age or gender. We care about what they know, and are on the lookout for the culture and attitude that breeds innovation and enables it to thrive. 

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