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Welcome to the future of movement.

AHOY is a new-age tech startup that is raising the bar in user experience and operational excellence through its versatile tech stack and products for movement automation and efficiency.
What is AHOY

What is AHOY?

With current technology bordering on its limits in terms of delivering speed, reach and efficiency, we are empowering new levels of unimagined possibilities in MOVEMENT

The AHOY culture revolves around transforming the parameters of movement through ideating, creating and building an effective disruptive tech infrastructure that focuses on automating motion with purpose from A to Z and back.  

What we do?

AHOY is enabling the next human evolution through seamless movement of people, goods, money and information. 

We aim to connect the world and transform the status quo by providing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) & orchestration technologies. 

By making available our technologies, resources and expertise to visionaries, we enable innovators and entrepreneurs in the region and around the world to bring their extraordinary ideas to life.

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Some of our amazing projects

Many industries are already enjoying the benefits of our solutions, some of which are showcased here, with more to come. 

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Innovative and tailor-made software development tools specially designed to provide commercial applications with accurate movement and routing solutions. 

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A global new-age platform to optimize, and seamlessly orchestrate all logistical operations from end to end.

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A cutting-edge PaaS to provide Remote Check-in / Door-to-Door & Left Behind Luggage Handling Services.

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An efficient advanced tech stack for metering water, measuring consumption, as well as leak detection and prevention 

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24SiX9 Studio

Driven by the pursuit of engendering innovation, AHOY's business studio is designed to support and nurture an inclusive new generation of unicorns seeking to add real value and precipitate change by enabling innovators and entrepreneurs in an unprecedented manner.


This singular business studio has been geared to establish an ecosystem that fosters novel tech-powered startups from A to Z with the goal of effecting change not only in the region but across the globe. 

Francisco Ruiz

Azure SMB Lead – Microsoft

"AHOY is a startup that came a long way and we have witnessed their journey as they work towards being a key mobility tech infrastructure player"


Movement Re-imagined

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