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Charting the Course for the Future of Movement 

Arisen from our startup roots, Ahoy stands as a beacon of innovation in a new-age landscape, breaking boundaries and setting new benchmarks. 
What is AHOY

What is AHOY?

Ahoy enables movement in its all-encompassing form in a technological landscape that consistently pushes its boundaries.

We reshape motion dynamics by ideation, creating and establishing a unique tech infrastructure. Our ecosystem is built on the foundation of innovation above all else, from purposeful automation to strategy, planning, and execution to harvesting the power of networking. 

What we do?

AHOY  paves the way for the next human evolution. 

We aim to connect the world and transform the status quo by providing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) & orchestration technologies. 

By making available our technologies, resources and expertise to visionaries, we enable innovators and entrepreneurs in the region and around the world to bring their extraordinary ideas to life.

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Overview of the AHOY Group

AHOY Portfolio companies represent our investments and play a pivotal role in our ecosystem.

Their success contributes to portfolio diversification, value creation, and alignment with our investment strategy.


Trouve Labs was built to pioneer AI driven solutions in mobility, and to transcend traditional transportation boundaries.

Dulters logo White.png

A think-tank for unconventional market outreach that specializes strategic commercial and financial advisory.

Dulters icon.png

EpicMetry challenges norms by crafting web and mobile solutions to captivate target audiences, and secure funding.

EM icon.png

Shared services for HR management, business setup & legal framework and financial & accounting oversight

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Actual white.png

Ahoy Corporate Venture Capital Investment Fund

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Bellman white.png

A marketing & communications agency and media production company that specializes in building brands for startups.

Flatgigs White.png

Built to find the best cultural fit for employers and employees, FlatGigs simplifies recruitment and selection.

Flatgigs Icon.png
AHOY CoE logo2.png

The new hub for holistic training, knowledge sharing and continuous improvement in a focused domain.

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Consolidid white.png

Consolidid strategically employs an aggregation business model, uniting numerous enterprises into a cohesive conglomerate.

consolidid icon.png

Our communities

Ahoy was built on the foundation of community, and we continue that with 24six9 and SourceHive.

24six9 houses startups and founders' community building and networking gigs, so aspiring unicorns can learn from one another and build on their dreams.

It not only democratizes success, it does so on a global scale, creating an ecosystem that creates actual, real change.  


SourceHive, a nonprofit missionary in the tech realm, is dedicated to catalysing the open-source movement. In essence, SourceHive aims to guide and educate software companies on seamless implementation of open-source business models in their niche.

SourceHive Logo white.png
SourceHive Logo white.png

Ahoy’s Treasure Chest of Ventures (a.k.a. Ahoy's growth portfolio)

The integration of Ahoy Tech is already being enjoyed across industries, with more additions to be made soon.  

Logo - AMS - White.png

Innovative and tailor-made software development tools designed to build with accurate movement and routing solutions. 

Iso - AMS - Color 2.png
Artboard 9-8.png

A global new-age platform to optimize, and seamlessly orchestrate all logistical operations from end to end.

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FLY+ - Light color.png

A cutting-edge PaaS to provide Remote Check-in / Door-to-Door & Left Behind Luggage Handling Services.

FLY+ - Light color_edited.png
Artboard 8.png

An efficient advanced tech stack for metering water, measuring consumption, as well as leak detection and prevention 

Artboard 6.png

BookShield dives into the realm of financial security and docs generation through its innovative AI enabled tech.

Bookshield Icon.png
IITS logo.png

IITS uses AI enabled mobility enhancement software to navigate cities and their infrastructures.

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Movement Re-imagined

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