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AHOY Logistics

AHOY runs the most lean and agile operation in the world.

It’s hard to overstate just how good our services are, but we’re trying. Here’s what we have to offer.

(SPOILER ALERT: it is some good $**t)



AHOY is disrupting rapid fulfillment by allowing you to instantly expand your presence to new territories without extra manpower and/ or real estate investment.


With AHOY you can achieve national market coverage from day one, with packages reaching your customers in 60 min or less, 24/7 without breaking a sweat.

Our rented shelves start at 10 AED/SAR per day and can be rented at the required temperature for your goods, allowing you to serve your customers 24/7, 365 days a year.

In addition, we also manage returns, restock and shift stocks to high-demand locations in a predictive manner to help you meet the demand, always.

Sleep soundly while we are awake serving your clients, making them happy, and making you the big bucks.



Goods spend less time in storage and more time getting to their destination = happier customers and better quality service.


Don’t overspend when it doesn’t make sense. Get flat rates anywhere in your country.


Full order tracking, 1-hour delivery windows, and the ability to change drop-off location in real time by user at no extra cost or premium. Pay at the tracking page, change delivery contact... and so much more…

AHOY has the most agile address management system that suits the most chaotic and complex addresses problems for you and your customers.

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Our temperature controlled vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, from 45 cubic cm to 5 tons. AHOY can ensure pizza is delivered hot and flowers are delivered fresh, all in the same day, which means less spoilage and increased customer satisfaction, conversion and retention.


Keep an eye on the temperature and humidity LIVE throughout the journey and receive a note of the last recorded temperature for your peace of mind.


From your location

Using our proprietary mix of spatial planning algorithms, IoT, mapping and navigation technology, we are able to offer unlimited same day delivery for a flat fee.

Your goods spend less time in storage and getting to their destination.


Surprise your customers with faster delivery than they could ever expected while we surprise you with mind-blowing delivery cost.

From rented shelf

AHOY allows you to instantly expand your presence to new territories and provides 24/7 availability to consumer without the need for any extra man power and/ or real estate investment.


You can achieve national market coverage from day one, with packages delivered to customers within 60 min or less, without breaking a sweat.


You can even select the required temperature at which your items to be maintained until they are delivered, whether is Cold, Ambient (room temperature), or Frozen.



Customers feel more confident buying from companies that are approachable, accessible and relatable. That’s why we give you Ahoy’s cloud PBX telephony solution while maintaining everyone's privacy through phone number masking. No need for additional hardware!


COD means cash or card on delivery. We eliminate ATM anxiety by providing every driver with portable, NFC-enabled card readers, in addition to, more payment at delivery via SMS link and within tracking page; allowing your users to manage their experiences in the leanest and most convenient fashion. 


Integrate your WMS, app, webshop, magento, Shopify, Woo commerce store or whatever with Ahoy’s tools and say hello to seamless order creation, tracking and insights. Manage your integrations with ease right from your self-service portal while we stand by to support you!

Create API keys, Web-hooks or use our SDKs.. the possibilities are LIMITLESS.

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Experience the AHOY difference

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AHOY creates a system that is both spatially and task aware, capable of making and taking decisions that mimics nature, even in counter-intuitive manners, to remove constraints of human technology.


AHOY system reacts to dynamic situations in real-time, taking into account real-world factors and an unthinkable number of variables, and plans the most optimized entire route from end to end.